University of Vienna

The University of Vienna was established in 1365 and is currently celebrating over 650 years of excellent education. It is one of the most famous and respected universities in Europe and has produced 15 Nobel Prize winners.

Medical University

Established in 1365, the Medical University of Vienna was the 1st German medical university in the world. This university treats more than 500,000 patients and conducts more than 50,000 surgical operations every year, making it one of the leading medical universities in the world.

Technical University

The Vienna University of Technology was established in 1815 as the first engineering and technology university of the German speaking world. As one of the Top 10 technical universities in Europe, the TU-Wien offers state of the art facilities and outstanding professors in their fields.

University of Economics

The 'WU' is the biggest university focusing on business & economics in all of Europe. Students who can pass the challenging entry requirements will enjoy a great business education and one of the most expensive campuses in the world (€500 Million), alongside world renowned teachers and state of the art facilities.

BOKU Vienna

If you are interested in Mother Earth, then this might be the best university in the world for you. At the BOKU, you not only study green, renewable life sciences, but also apply and live them. BOKU is #21 in the World's Green Universities Ranking.

Academy of Fine Arts

This internationally respected 328-year old university offers a large spectrum of courses from painting to sculpting, video to photography, art conservation to art history, making it the best choice for future artists.

Veterinary Medicine

The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is the only academic educational and research institution in Austria that focuses on the veterinary sciences, and at the same time the oldest such institution in the German-speaking world (founded 1765 by the Empress Maria Theresia).

Technical University Graz

The Techincal University of Graz is the univerisity which gave Nikola Tesla the scientific and engineering foundation to change history. This globally recognized university ranks between 200-400 in the world and is also ranked the 3rd best in Austria.

University of Graz

The Uni Graz is the 2nd oldest and 2nd biggest university of Austria. This diverse university offers almost any subject imaginable, creating a nurturing interdisciplinary learning and reasearch environment. This internationally respected university ranks between 150-400 place for various world rankings.

Medical University Graz

This outstanding university has produced 3 Nobel Prize winners in medicine. The Medical University of Graz is one of the top medical universities in Europe and also one of the Top 500 universities in the world.

Univeristy of Leoben

Leoben has been the backbone of the region's mining and petrol industry for almost two centuries, where it provides hands-on premium education. This university is the top choice for thousands of students from 70+ countries in the world. Leoben fully focuses on science and engineering of mining, minerals, and materieals.

University of Salzburg

Mozart's birthplace, Salzburg, also hosts one of the most priviliged universities of Austria. Established in 1622, the University of Salzburg offers four centuries of experience blended with modern state of the art facilities. This comprehensive university offers various programmes in a great campus environment.