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Most livable city in the world
Best Country in GPI
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CESS, Your Office in Austria

Austria is the rising star among international study destinations with superb education quality and very low tuition fees which are less than € 1,500 per year! (for all bachelor, master and PhD courses in all public research universities, in all cities, one price!). However complicated admission and visa process creates a serious need for professional help for potential candidates of recruitment agencies. Centre for European Student Services (CESS) serves almost 2,000 students a year from almost 50 countries around the world to fulfill this need efficiently since 2002.

Today, you can be a “trained & certified partner” of CESS without any investment and start bringing the unique education opportunities of Austria to your students, with the quality and satisfaction assurance of CESS. We are a “service provider” who help recruitment agencies getting university admission, visa approval and accommodation in Austria. Since CESS is not an agency, all students have to sign up with an authorized and certified CESS partners. While we manage your operations, agents can focus on promotions and recruitment and optimize their success.

What We Do

University Admission

CESS simplifies the complicated admission process of Austrian universities, assists on legalizations and provides a high success rate for university admissions. Through our FREE pre-screening process, we achieve over 90% acceptance rate in Austria.

Visa Assistance

One of the most difficult parts of moving to Austria is the visa process. CESS provides experience and unique services to make sure that our eligible applicants can get their visa. Besides, for students who can visit Schengen (EU) for 90 days, we can complete immigration WITHOUT VISA!

Student Accomodation is the sister organization of CESS. We have around 700 rooms in 11 buildings across Vienna for international students. CESS is the ONLY organization in Austria who provides "accommodation guarantee" for all its students..

Why Study in Austria?
  • Affordable Education: Maximum Tuition Fee 1,490 Euro / Year
  • World Renowned, Prestigious and Top-Quality Universities
  • Affordable Living: 650 to 950 Euro / Month
  • Work & Study at the Same Time (Even During Language Year!)
  • Bachelor is 3 Years (Including Engineering)