Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone needs a residency permit to study in Austria. If your country allows you the possibility of coming to Austria for 90 days without needing a Visa, our company will help you to apply for a residency permit from here, increasing your chances of getting accepted, otherwise you will have to apply from your home country.
When applying from Austria the application usually takes between 1-3 weeks. When applying from a different country the duration can be from about 2-7 months.
Every student automatically also receives a working visa while studying.
Every foreign student receives a 6-12 month working visa upon graduation.
A permanent residence in Austria can be granted after 5 years of work in the country.
Austrian universities consistently rank in the Top 10 universities in the world for different categories, Austria is one of the best countries in the world to receive a higher education.
Living expenses vary from person to person, but in our experience students require between €650-1000/month.
Austria is the cultural center of Europe, and Vienna has everything from nightclubs to operettes, and was also voted the most livable city in the world.