The Center for European Student Services, or CESS for short, is the biggest provider of services for foreign students in Austria. Our goal is to help as many students as possible to get a great education. Our team helps students and agents alike from the very first day, we will guide and assist you in everything you need to do to get a student visa and an amazing education. We love people, and we love big dreams, so combining that was a natural step for us to take. We know everyone has a dream, and so do we. We dreamed of being able to provide a great education to as many students as possible, and we did, and it was the greatest journey any of us had ever taken. Now the only question left is, what are your dreams?


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DISCLAIMER: CESS is NOT an recruitment agency and does not accept applications directly from students (or on behalf of any university in Austria). All the information on this website are provided for “guidance purpose” to improve the international image of Austrian as an elite study destination among foreign recruitment agents and these information are merely subjective analysis and opinions of our authors who cannot be hold responsible for any damage as anyone who are keen to make any study decision should check the official university websites before making any decisions. Information on this website or provided by CESS can be outdated or accidentally inaccurate. According to Austrian laws, Austrian state universities are not allowed to conduct any relationship with any agents or private organizations and our organization simply displays brief and subjective opinions about Austrian higher education institutions in order to enhance the international image of Austria as a “premium and elite study destination”.